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The Registration Fee for the Marriage Bureau has been revised with effective from 1st February 2015. Manual registration Rs. 500/- and Internet Rs. 600/-

The Church's mission, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is to bring everyone to know the Father's eternal love, through Our Lord Jesus Christ. This love is primarily expressed and experienced in a family. The members of the family, especially the couples, are called to live and share this love with each other. Unfortunately, the couples seem to forget, at times, the sacredness of their conjugal love. There could be many reasons for this, and one of the reasons is that the couples were not guided or directed well to make the right choice in their life. As a result they blame each other and, sadly enough, they try to break their relationships. And, therefore, the would-be couples should be guided properly to choose the right partners in their lives. The marriage bureau in our Archdiocese try to do this great service to our young people by helping them to find suitable partners. Till now, the Family Welfare Centre did not have any such facility for the Marriage Bureau, and only recently the marriage Bureau of St. Patrick's Church was shifted to the Family Welfare Centre. Since then, it is doing very good work. Now its main aim is to reach this facility to a wider spectrum of our society. And, therefore, the Family Welfare Centre has decided to use the media, an instrument of our times, to achieve this objective. It is therefore, very gratifying to learn that the Family Welfare Centre has set us a website which is ready for its operation.

Here, I would like to make this point very clear to our young people, that is, the institutions of marriage, which is truly the corner-stone of society, has taken a beating today. Marriages, which are intended to be a lifelong commitment, break up rapidly, and many couples enter with relationships without commitment, which are disastrous for them, spiritually and with serious consequences for their children. I trust the new website will guide our young people on the proper path. My wish is that this website should also interact with TABOR, our Archdiocesan bulletin, so that the reach is increased and widened.

I thank the Director of the Family Welfare Centre and all his collaborators who worked hard in the planning and the implementation of this commendable project.

May Almighty God and the Holy Family bless this effort and make it fruitful.

Most. Rev. Bernard Moras.
Archbishop of Bangalore
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Special Prayer will be Conducted on Sunday